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Everything but the kitchen sink, part three.

  • Cake Cutter-and-Server-in-One. I do always find it a bit clumsy when you are about to cut a beautiful cake and you have to get out a big knife and a server, which is where the Magisso Cake Serve–it’s both in one. Check out the video here. I’ve ordered one to test it for myself and will report back. I am wondering if moist cakes will want to stick to this little device–and then how do you wipe down the inside? Design Story–a new design centric–flash sale site is selling them for $15 through the 23rd.

  • Egg Waffles. Speaking of extraneous kitchen gadgetry, Hong Kong is so hot that even Williams & Sonoma is trying to ride the wave with their Egg Waffle Pan. Check out this article if your HK kitchen won’t bear another kitchen device and you’re looking for a good place to get ’em on the street.

  • Mapkins. I love maps. I love napkins. How perfect are these?! Now I wish there was one for Hong Kong! They would be awesome for a going away party. Found on the always lovely Subtle Revelry. (By the way, Victoria is started a new mag soon!)

  • Oysters away. Not sure how this is possible, but a major oysterapocalypse is under way and most of the remaining reefs are in the US. Eater has a map of the best places to get your shuck on in the States. Found on ten thousand places. I can personally vouch for all three SF locales (Swan’s Oyster Bay Depot was right next to the Mr.’s apt and their raw seafood bowl is the best way to start the day… here we are visiting with his sis Deirdre last spring. If you are ever in SF you have to go!)

  • Christian Dior for girls. Every designer is smartly going after the little-ones market and Christian Dior is no exception. You know they’ve nailed kids when you want them to make the clothes in your size. I couldn’t agree more with Full House, where I found this, that Target needs to copy this, stat! Images are from and clothes are available through Children’s Salon.

  • Google Art Project. Where won’t Google go? They’ve now gone to art museums all over the world and made them available to everyone, which is really pretty cool. You can actually walk through a museum, stand in front of a painting, and then zoom into areas of interest. I am hankering to go to Russia, so I just took a jaunt through the Hermitage… Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son is pretty awesome. And try zooming in on all of the little critters on this peacock clock. And, yes, this confirms that I do need to go to Russia… I think previewing museums through this new tool ahead of time is a great way to plan your attack.

(Image: Telegraph)

Everything but the kitchen sink, part two.

It’s been too long since I’ve done another kitchen sink post, and the amazing links have been piling up!

  • An all-in-one mudroom organizer. From Strawser & Smith, found on It seems like the most important thing for containing the growing clutter of any family is a big mudroom! (I learned this word from my E. Coast InLaws–we don’t have much mud in California–but now I like to use it often as I can.)

  • Gold buttercream frosting. Now I am on the hunt for the food coloring or whatever it is that does this. Found on This is Glamorous.

(photography by heather waraksa for style me pretty via pinterest)

  • This Market Bag. Has captured my imagination… even though I have literally dozens of re-usable bags that collapse nicely into nothing and that I can carry with me all the time…. grocery stores here in HK charge for bags, which I have to say has made me better at remembering! What I like about this bag is it looks like something the MR. wouldn’t mind carrying… and it’s also part of Bangladesh-based sustainability project. Found in Rue Mag’s FAB third issue.

By the way  ladies, Apolis ships internationally and they have some other cool looks for Male V-Day gifts.

  • Felix Doolittle. I gave their personalized labels to many of my foodie friends over Christmas–has come out with four different really fun Valentine’s Day boxes filled with  notes and 10 stickers so you can send love to your loves throughout the year. I am waiting for them to hopefully go on sale post-2/14!

  • Read: Why Americans don’t travel
  • If you don’t already know: Everyone is freaking out about Groupon’s Tibet Superbowl ad. I am so happy for the Packers and my Madison-based, season tix holding grandparents who are beyond overyjoyed. The Mr. enjoyed the game at the American club with about 300 other business guys blackberrying away on Monday morning… although my childhood dog’s name was Packer, I stayed home and worked, but checked my Twitter feed regularly.
  • Wonder why locals have a bad impression of us expats: Check out this video of the Australian football team partying in LKF. Thanks Maddie for the link!
  • MUST read for bloggers: Blogging and Jealousy. Thank you Marta for writing this and not only knowing just how I feel, but how to make me feel better!

Everything but the kitchen sink.

I know a lot of blogs have link love on Friday… so I thought I would do something similar here on HKH, but it will just be whenever I have found enough cute, but totally unrelated random things I would like to show you… it will be everything but the kitchen sink, okay?

  • Whisky stones. You know when you go to a super fancy restaurant and they have lemonade with lemonade ice cubes? I love how you don’t end up with a totally watered down drink. I think these cubes would make for a great stocking stuffer for the Mr. in your life. They remind me of those new ice machines that make perfectly square ice cubes–the sharp edges and perfect corners make me happy so I guess that means I really am anal.

  • Hot wheels for little ones. Restoration Hardware has some pretty absurd, but yet awesome gifts for little ones. Check out this plane for a little boy.

  • Sally Draper is all grown up. I cannot wait for Mad Men to resume, but this photo shoot by way of the Neo-Traditionalist, held me over. I think these pleated ruffles are just divine! But I have to ask… can all this really be good for Kiernan Shipka? If you are in love with Burberry and Chanel at age ten… I know I sound like my Mom, but what do you have to look forward to? Luckily, I think she is insanely talented and will be a lifelong star.

  • Save a chair! You’ve heard of Christmas china, which I love by the way. (My friend Tori’s mom has the most divine collection… I’ve asked her to send HKH pics!) But have you heard of Christmas chairs? You just have to check out how my Sister-in-Law Roise’s turned this Christmas chair into the most chic chair you have every seen!
  • New friends. I’ve been so lucky to have found a nice group of girlfriends here in Hong Kong, all thanks to my friend Lauren… you know those people that are natural “connectors”, they just welcome you into their circle and you instantly have 6 new BFFS? My friend Tori was like that for me in SF. These hospitable souls will inherit the kingdom of heaven I swear! Lauren posted some pics of us girls at a rooftop party last weekend on her adorable blog Long Gone in Hong Kong.